Self-Expressive Movement ๑ Dance & Physical Theatre

The class led by Fernando Oliveira, will assist you to discover the performing arts, stage presence, and their personal creative process.

It will be a journey where you overcome obstacles and feel able to reconnect with your creative skills and sensitivity. Here you will be able to develop your own path as a creator through discovering your own, organic body movement.

The class will consist of some basic physical theatre elements and include fun movement games to develop a nice dynamic within the group. You can expect different types of playful physical theatre exercises and personal choreographic styles with use of the rhythm of the music.

Afterward, you will feel empowered and a deeper connection to your own body and movement skills.

No dance or theatre experience is required, this class is suitable for anyone.

Facilitator: Fernando Oliveira
Date: Every other week on a Wednesday
Time: 17:30-18:30
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15.50 // Also vailable with your 10-ride pass, 5-ride pass and New Member Introduction Card. For Onefit / ClassPass card members we have very limited spots available.

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The Workshops led by Fernando Oliveira, aims to assist students to discover the performing arts, stage presence and their personal creative process. 
The course will be like a journey, helping students to overcome obstacles to enable them to tune-in to using their creative skills and sensitivity, helping to develop and choose their own paths as creators. 
The idea is that the student is the creator who discovers their own body movement and their way to create scenes with or without text. During the course we will be working as a group on some basic elements of physical theatre, including several games in order to develop a dynamic within the group, exploring perception of space, and the student's stage presence. In the second semester, we will aim to create a performance and present our research to the audience. 



Afro-Brazilian DANCE 

The workshop will bring participants into contact with Afro-Brazilian culture. 
Dance improvisation will be used as a medium to learn the movements performed with ancestral rhythms, the Black expressions of Afro-Brazilian culture. 
By providing experiences and conducting experiments with different styles of Brazilian dance the workshop aims to expand the repertoire of students,offering new references and choreographic styles.
To guide the technical development of the participants through the exploration of the body, its relationship with space and experience with different rhythmic qualities ad exercising choreographic creation and composition in Afro-Brazilian dances from the physical ability of each participant.


Age: 18+ all levels

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