In researching his work on the piano, Oliveira began inviting dancers one by  one, and eventually together, to improvise in the Kerk once restrictions allowed.  


The  evolving conversation between performers, piano and space started to develop  artistic precedent and theme.  

As a way of thinking poetically about this very complex moment, the present  project provides a dialogue between ANT’s company members, all culturally  experiencing a different reaction to the Corona crisis as their families and homes  differ greatly.


The space in the Kerk has become a dialogue, sharing poetic research  into love, expectation, loneliness, fear, death and hope in relation to this precarious  time.  


The not-ideal nature of the Kerk as a performance space mirrors the  frustrations and boundaries of this time period; out of investigating a  space not suitable for performance, a shared experience is born from the artists utilizing dance,  singing, music and acting within their improvisation.


The occupation of space has  become a language, references to other moments in art history providing reflection  across periods of time.  


 Within the process,  artists take turns in direction, script, photography, and  production, in addition to the dance itself; they have full autonomy to give their own  movements and instincts; this experience has become a living poetic document to  our grief and hope during this period, a reflection on our distance from loved ones  and the space-times lived within the various realities of Amsterdam itself.  


The conceptualization and working title ​Kusje ​arose as a simple symbol of this  bittersweet experience.

A simple, joyful action that now has become more serious, a  greeting worldwide of love may now transmit pain and suffering to others. In a  moment as brief as a kiss, so much can be communicated or made confusing.  


Intention, connection, communication; a kiss reveals and conceals all. In a time when  such a greeting or shared moment must be limited for the good of all, what happens  in the space left between us?  


This artistic beginning has been a joy and respite for all current collaborators  and we are eager to share it with Amsterdam. We feel confident that our imagery  and intention will bring joy and reflection during this time.   

Director : Fernando Oliveira

Dancers:  Isabelle Nelson , Jort Faber and Rebecca Lillich and Fernando Oliveira

In Partnership with the Nassaukerk
Supported by the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
Special thanks to Bart Treffers and the Nassaukerk, as well as our collaborators LiseLotte Mol, Fynn Roovers and Jas Melrose

Photos : Jasmine Melrose