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RAíZES is a physical theater piece inspired by Brazilian, Spanish and Israelis cultures and folklore, that combines dance, live music, and a splendidly eclectic soundtrack.


The Portuguese word "Raízes"(roots) means the basis, essential connection between people, the inherent bond within families that binds people together.

For Raízes, we’ve used by the concept of poetic time— a resource of the popular and contemporary dances of each country— to create non-linear scenes and narratives inspired by each of the artists’culture.

The idea for this project came out as a means of thinking poetically about the cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity of the artist, and this very complex moment. 


This project is comprised of four dancers. Our aim is to throw eight performances that are open tothe general public, with a capacity of 30 seats.


An extra two shows will be performed for the church'scommunity (Nassau Kerk) and the people in the neighborhood — these will be free of charge.


Our plan is to debut in the Nassau Kerk on 29th of September,(every Wednesday and Thursday) until the 28th of October. 

We are positive and excited, and believe that everything in the near future will turn to the better, safer, and happier.


**The dates are to be confirmed based on the progress of the Corona measures.

to support us: https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/11956-raizes-roots-a-physical-theater-piece


37 Minutos


Performers:  Candela Murillo, Fernando Oliveira, Teresa Santos, Tom Goldhand
Film/footage: Unframed Visuals 
Costumes:Lisellotte Mol
Light designer: 
Production:ANT Physical Theater

Support: Nassaukerk

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